Mobile Detailing

Mobile detailing fills a need in today’s world for people that want to keep their second biggest investment in like new condition. Prioritizing is a necessity these days. This can mean that our vehicles don’t get the attention needed to keep them in tiptop shape. Work, school, home, kids, hobbies/recreational activities come first. Add the time it takes to travel to and from these things and there just isn’t enough time to do much else. The little time left is usually spent relaxing and enjoying family time.

But you can have our high quality, professional mobile detail service performed at your home or business. This gives you the opportunity to keep your vehicle in great condition without having to go anywhere! We are insured, trained and certified. We come to you with the knowledge, products and equipment necessary to clean your vehicle inside and out. Regular detailing helps your vehicle retain its value. Furthermore, it feels good to drive around in something that is clean and beautiful!

Common Paint Defects

New vehicles look beautiful, right? But, even new vehicles have some paint defects. They are exposed to environmental soon as they leave the factory. Then sit on various lots and receive either very little or improper care. Usually, these defects are minor swirls and scratches.

The photo below shows a common paint defect of swirl marks on vehicle paint. These very fine scratches are generally caused by improper washing and drying. Polishing and buffing with the wrong pads or products can also be a source. A skilled, professional car detailer can polish these out.

This next photo shows another common paint defect known as oxidation which makes it look dull and chalky. This occurs on all vehicles over time but will be accelerated on vehicles exposed to the sun’s harsh UV rays. Keeping your vehicle covered or in a garage will delay this damage. Applying paint protection film or ceramic coating also helps. Polishing can usually remove oxidation if it is not too far advanced. If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself, we can help you!

And this last photo shows the paint defect known as clear coat failure which happens when nothing is done to protect vehicle paint or remove oxidation.  Unfortunately, there is not an easy fix for this problem. The only remedy is to have the vehicle repainted, which can be quite costly.

In order to retain the highest possible value for your vehicle it is important to maintain it in every way. Oil changes, tune ups, tire rotations, etc. are considered routine mechanical maintenance. It is also important to maintain its appearance inside and out. A high quality car detail can help diminish paint defects and preserve it’s value!

A Very Special Project

On July 7, 2019 I left for Seattle, Washington to take part in a very special project that was truly an incredible experience! I was lucky enough to be chosen as part of the 2019 Air Force One Detailing Team. Spending a week helping to preserve historic aircraft at the Seattle Museum of Flight is something few people get to do in their lifetime. And I met some of the most amazing and talented people in the detail world on this team! Then to be made part of the Detail Mafia family (a globally known group of the industry’s top-notch detailers) makes me more grateful than I can put into words. I feel honored and humbled by this once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you to Renny and Diane Doyle and all of the generous sponsors that made this project a reality!

My local newspaper published a story about this fantastic project and my place on the team. This was the icing on the cake for me! The work was hard, but a lot of fun at the same time. Auto detailing is my passion and this adventure added to my knowledge and experience in the field of detailing. This article explains the history of the Air Force One project and much more –’s-all-detailing

Choosing Your Car Detailer

Before you make any calls, you should decide whether you want a car wash or a detail. A car wash will remove surface dirt. A professional detail focuses on the details. They are completely different services with very different price structures. Some professional detail services need to be performed inside to be done correctly. Although a mobile detailer can perform many of these services, they may need access to a garage to do it.

The first thing most potential clients ask a detailer is usually “how much do you charge.” Of course you want to know how much you’ll be paying, but in order to give you a price a professional detailer is going to need more information and the best way to do that is to inspect the vehicle.

Before choosing your car detailer you may want to ask them some of the following questions: How long will it take? Do they need access to your utilities? What forms of payment do they accept? What products and equipment will they be using? Lastly, are they willing to listen to your concerns and explain how they intend to address them? Building a trusting relationship will help you feel more comfortable with your detailer.

Your Car Interior

Does Your Car Need A Flu Shot? Yes It Does!

Let’s assume you’re the tidy type who never brings food or trash into your car. Your car looks pretty clean, especially after it gets washed and vacuumed, doesn’t it? But what about the germs you can’t see?

Think back to your last trip to your favorite restaurant, or even that quick pit stop at the local gas station. Did you use the restroom? What were your feet standing in? That’s right, pretty gross! Well, all that dirt and bacteria is now on the floor mats and pedals of your car, but it doesn’t stop there.

Studies have shown that millions of germs, fungi, bacteria and even mold are most likely hitching a ride in your car. Microbiologist Anthony Hilton from Ashton University randomly tested car interiors and found on average, 285 types of bacteria present in every square inch of the vehicle. Steering wheels, gear levers and trunk carpets were the worst offenders with as much as 300 to 400 bacteria per square inch.

“Our study found organisms in a car that are not uncommon to be found around a toilet,” said Hilton. ” Today’s car has become more of an extension of the domestic environment — where people eat and drink and talk on the phone. It’s like a room of your house on wheels.”

So What Can Be Done?

Have your car professionally steam cleaned by a trained and certified detailer. By combining specialized cleaning products with proven techniques and an industrial-grade dry vapor steam machine, your car can not only look clean, but become sanitized too.

Dry vapor steam machines produce super-hot steam typically above 300° F. The steam will kill microorganisms on contact, so your car is getting sanitized while it’s getting clean. This strong cleaning power uses extremely low water content, so carpets and upholstery won’t be wet once the cleaning process is over.

If you don’t disinfect the germs in your car at least once a year, your car can easily spread the cold and flu viruses, or even worse! Interested in learning more? Contact us at (817) 586-6828 or

Headlight Restoration

Cloudy or yellowed headlights can reduce your visibility at night.  Headlight restoration can solve this problem. According to new research from AAA “clouded or yellowed headlights generate only 20 percent of the amount of light that new headlights do, leading to dangerous nighttime driving conditions. This decrease is caused by sunlight damage to protective plastic coatings, resulting in discoloration that considerably diminishes the headlight’s ability to provide adequate light on dark roadways.”  AAA Auto Repair Article. 

Luckily, there are options available to fix this problem. If the yellowing or cloudiness is on the outside you could replace the headlight assembly. However, headlight restoration can usually be performed at lower cost. We can help! If the yellowing or cloudiness is on the inside you will probably need to get a new headlight assembly.


You’ve probably heard the term ‘detailing’ many times, but aren’t really sure what it means or what to expect when you have your vehicle detailed. Sometimes buying or selling a car will prompt a person to seek out a detailer. Others just want to keep their vehicle looking its best in order to maintain value and beauty for the life of the vehicle. 

Detailing is much more than just washing your car. It means having an extensive and precise cleaning of the exterior and/or interior of your vehicle. Restoring beauty and protecting the finishes are the main focus of detailing. There are numerous packages and services available at varying costs. Some factors involved in the variety of packages and pricing include training, professionalism, the quality of products and equipment used and time required to perform services requested by the client.

A quality detailing job should take from a couple hours to several hours depending on size/condition of vehicle and which services are performed. However, results will depend on the age and prior condition of the vehicle along with the level of services.