Common Paint Defects

New vehicles look beautiful, right? But, even new vehicles have some paint defects. They are exposed to environmental soon as they leave the factory. Then sit on various lots and receive either very little or improper care. Usually, these defects are minor swirls and scratches.

The photo below shows a common paint defect of swirl marks on vehicle paint. These very fine scratches are generally caused by improper washing and drying. Polishing and buffing with the wrong pads or products can also be a source. A skilled, professional car detailer can polish these out.

This next photo shows another common paint defect known as oxidation which makes it look dull and chalky. This occurs on all vehicles over time but will be accelerated on vehicles exposed to the sun’s harsh UV rays. Keeping your vehicle covered or in a garage will delay this damage. Applying paint protection film or ceramic coating also helps. Polishing can usually remove oxidation if it is not too far advanced. If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself, we can help you!

And this last photo shows the paint defect known as clear coat failure which happens when nothing is done to protect vehicle paint or remove oxidation.  Unfortunately, there is not an easy fix for this problem. The only remedy is to have the vehicle repainted, which can be quite costly.

In order to retain the highest possible value for your vehicle it is important to maintain it in every way. Oil changes, tune ups, tire rotations, etc. are considered routine mechanical maintenance. It is also important to maintain its appearance inside and out. A high quality car detail can help diminish paint defects and preserve it’s value!