Our Services

We want you to be happy so we tailor our services and packages to fit each client and vehicle. Pricing is determined after consultation based on size and condition of vehicle along with the clients’ wants and needs. We explain options because we want you to understand what you can expect when our services are complete. Below are some of the services we offer that can be custom tailored:

Exterior Detail – Foam bath (if necessary), 2 bucket or washless/rinseless wash, tire/wheel faces/wheel wells cleaned, bug and tar removal, microfiber towel or blow dry, claybar, high gloss paint sealant, door jambs cleaned, tires dressed, exterior windows and mirrors cleaned.

Interior Detail – Thoroughly vacuum carpet/floor (including trunk) and clean mats, clean and dress all surfaces (dash, console, cup holders, gauges, door panels, trim, vents, steering wheel), clean door jambs, steam clean seats (fabric only) and carpets, disinfect hard surfaces, clean and condition all leather, clean all interior windows and mirrors.

Paint Enhancement & Correction – 1 step paint enhancement/correction (removes approximately 50% of minor surface imperfections) or 2 step paint enhancement/correction (removes approximately 70-80% of surface imperfections).

Ceramic Coating – Various ceramic coating applications to keep your paint protected from sun damage, environmental fallout, tar, sap, bird droppings and light wash marks. Also adds incredible gloss and shine!

Interior Coating – Various interior fabric coating applications that help keep spills and stains from penetrating carpets and fabric seats.

GlassParency Application – Professional application of glass coating to enhance visibility in inclement weather, reduce glare, protect against acid rain/mineral buildup/corrosion. Also makes ice, snow, road dirt and insects easier to remove.

Headlight Restoration – Professional restoration of dull, yellowed headlights to improve nighttime visibility.

Trim Restoration – Restoration of exterior plastic/rubber trim (black or gray) with professional dye formulated specifically for vehicle trim.

Pet Hair Removal – Removal of pet hair from vehicle interior.

Undercarriage cleaning – Pressure clean of vehicle undercarriage.